We are relationship beings and friendships are vital to our overall health; and some are worth a little extra effort. 

Michael Landon was a very interesting man taken from us way too early from cancer. He created, wrote, directed, and produced a wonderful show in 1984 called "Highway to Heaven." It may be a bit corny by today's standards but it's messages are profound.


Love comes in six different shapes and sizes and each one is powerful unto itself. Combined, Love becomes the most powerful force on the planet - and it's free.

In Greek, there are six different words for that one word in English:
• Agape: soulful love – the love of humanity
• Philia: deep friendship, brotherly love
• Eros: passion, sex
• Ludos: affection, playful towards children and others; includes flirting
• Pragma: deep lasting love between partners
• Philautia: love of self – equated to self-worth