Kelly L.
30 June 2017

I know you as a gentle, kind, wise man on Facebook. A gentle soul named Guy. Thru your teachings, suggestions, and words, you help others. Like myself. What was once only darkness I can now see thru. They are not just posts. They are life, explanations, reading, help, and understanding. Love, and being loved. But not just others, yourself. Thru your spirit and words, you help others, like myself. Now I can speak the words that were once hidden deep inside. See the light shining not just darkness. You are a guide. I thank you for helping me along my journey. It has only begun. I can't wait to see what the next chapter will bring. Many blessings Kelly Lynn. <3 peace, and life.

18 May 2017

Guy Brilando! You taught me how to save myself from an endless spiral of self-defeat and fear. It's because of you that I am discovering my "I am" and standing in positivity, love, compassion, and kindness. I'm growing stronger and stronger every day! Thank you for your friendship, your insights and wisdom, and most importantly, thank you for being the amazing person you are! It's because of people like you that people like me regain hope during the hard times. Keep changing the world!

26 April 2017

As everyone knows our family went through the hardest time and challenges less than a year ago. My daughter, decided that suicide was her only option, thankfully she didn't succeed. It was a shock to our family and the effect it had on each of us was so intense we couldn't work, school, sleep, eat, understand, help and was in a total state of depression. Medical professionals want to medicate as their form of treatment and we would not allow that form of treatment. We had counseling, single and family. Tried Raising money for a $50,000 treatment facility. Stood on the corner taking donations with friends in 100-degree heat. We had done it all. I knew that no matter what My daughter needed a miracle and I would do any and everything for her. As a single mom that prides myself in being "the best" momma and giving all I can to my kids it was like a train plowed us down. I had no clue how to handle this, was living in fear, couldn't sleep and would sleep on her floor hoping to protect her. My other daughter, lying next to me, often crying ourselves to sleep, waking up 100 times a night to check on her. This went on and on!!! This man Guy Brilando reached out to me through Facebook messenger and as hesitate as I was, I responded to him and it lead to us meeting him and his wife for coffee and a small chat. That decision SAVED my daughter’s life, SAVED all of our lives! It changed our lives. He taught us how to cope, relearn and regain ourselves, control ourselves and most importantly find our authentic self. Amazing huh?!!! His book is releasing and he wrote about her story and the story of many others, this is a must read. A great book for anyone. A book that will help you overcome anything that you struggle with. A book that will work miracles!!!

31 Mar 2017

Most incredible gentleman I have had the absolute pleasure speaking with and receiving mentor-ship from. Guy Brilando
Guy reached out to me through Facebook and offered his help. I face medical challenges and had suffered a lot of abuse growing up. I wanted to change but just couldn’t figure out how to do it. After a certain point I’d get lost in working with therapists in the past.  The therapist would lose me and I’d get anxious. Cutting to the point was essential. Guy listened and made me feel heard. At that point, helping me to feel understood allowed me to accept his wisdom.

The best part was how he helped me to redirect my venting. My frustration was sometimes taken out on others when it wasn’t always them who caused it. I learned how to release this through a filter to calm down. He asked me questions that helped me think about what it was that upset me so bad. Prior to changing my ways, I had no self-respect at all. I was completely attracting the wrong men and lowering my standards. Now I’m focused on my goals and achieving self-respect and have mastered saying “No.” I feel in control of my life now and responsible for who I am. I am accomplishing what I knew I could but in the past was unable to make happen. Now I do. I see myself being financially fit with an amazing husband and a child.

5 Mar 2017

I have been through so much pain with my family over the years and because of your help today I had a huge breakthrough. I have successfully made huge steps in a positive direction with them. All I can do is let go of the pain and move forward from here. Meeting with them in 2 weeks and the words "I love you" were spoken to each other for the first time in years. Today turned out to he 1 of the best days of my life. I thank God for you and your wisdom and support and for always being there for me.

27 Jan 2017

I can't even believe the difference in how I feel right now already compared to when we began communicating.

Thank you Guy...and I mean every word from the bottom of my heart...I was stuck in this place of inner sadness and hopelessness with something continuously suppressing every hope, dream and desire I had...from having a successful relationship, to being successful myself and seeing my daughter happy and thriving. And no matter how hard I tried or prayed I couldn't get out of it...for years! And in a matter of a few weeks I have more control, power and hope in my life then I can ever remember

It's as if I was in this glass the one they put superman in whey Lex Luther finally captures him...I could see all the things I wanted but I was trapped in it...yet I was the only one in it...I had the key all along and it was me...I just had to find myself again and be handed the key...and you did that.

That's the best way I can describe my I was on the inside looking out... everything always so close I could almost grasp it but always crumbling before I could...Now I feel like I'm on the outside looking in and the possibilities seem endless.

26 Jan 2017

Guy, I have been So Blessed to enjoy your kind and generous nature each and every time I have seen you. Thank You for being Such a Wonderful Human and regularly sharing your gifts.

Karen G.
14 Jan 2017

Thanks, you are awesome. My husband is looking forward to meeting you, as you have been the first person who gets me and has helped me so much to achieve what I have wanted for so long. With your guidance I have found Happiness and LOVE... Things I lacked for so long.

12 Jan 2017

I read the transcript today for the book I am written about in. What an amazing thing it is to see yourself and your story through someone else's eyes. The "story" is not finished, although the book is. So many positive experiences ahead!! Thank you Guy Brilando for your wisdom and your beautiful heart  I am so blessed to have attracted you into my life

Amy W.
12 Jan 2017

If you haven't read any of his work yet you're missing out!... sooo inspiring and life changing to say the least! You are probably going to get tired of hearing me say thank you, but you've changed my life! And I know the journey's just began so I can't even wait to see what's in store! So there are no words to express!

6 Jan 2017

Letting go of a negative past event can be very difficult! Dwelling day after day over a "thought, can keep you in a state of depression, anger, anxiety and sadness. So how did I master "Letting Go and Moving On"? I searched the web for Transformational Spiritual Healers. This is where I discovered Niurka and You (Guy). I now live my life every day peaceful within, happy, living in the moment and following my intuition. You both are beautiful and powerful beings. Blessings!

18 Nov 2016

Guy, Thank you so much for the [life] gifts that you give me. I am realizing all the blessings in my life. You are top of the list.

07 Nov 2016

I wanted to personally thank you again for what you did for me. I'm for ever grateful! I feel like a free woman with power! As you can see on FB I found the courage to go through the memory lane. I FACED MY FEAR and I thank you for that!

20 Oct 2016

You are the reason why I went to my first experience with Niurka at NeoGenesis.  You still inspire me every time you speak.  Your be-ingness is a gift to this world.  You are a King.  Thank you for embodying the sacred masculine.  So in love with the changes that are happening.  If it weren't for your story and your experiences being shared at the one day in LA, this journey would not have happened for me.  Love you. 

12 Oct 2016

Blessed! I know it's because I have changed my entire way of thinking and reacting. I seem to notice so much good happening and surrounding me.  Guy Brilando is a magic worker. Everyday, I wake up and set my vision for that day, relaxed, less stressed and much more loving. I am not angry, hurt, sad, or depressed. Thank you for teaching me to rewire my world.  I was at the point of giving up. You met with me and it worked wonders! I am grateful and eternally happy!  Guy and Elke Brilando, you have seriously saved our family.  Love you both!!!

06 Oct 2016

I think you're my guardian angel seems like everything I'm going through in my life that makes me want to burry my head and/or run away at the same seem to post something related that I need to be reminded of or have never thought of in that way that makes me feel better.  Thank you!

29 Sept 2016

Follow this man!!! Because of the work I did with him my life completely changed for the better, having the courage to leave a really bad situation and regain my life back and truly seeing the value in who I am and what I am capable of.

24 Aug 2016

Guy this is awesome!! I'm digging in! Thanks again for all your help! I'm loving it! I will not share your writings with anyone! Can't wait to read your book! 

17 Aug 2016

I appreciate your help and thank you for freeing me as i struggled many years over this particular issue and you made it seem easy.  2 years ago I had questions no one could answer, you and Niurka helped me find those answers. My curiosity has grown as I allow myself to be curious.. My whole life has changed nor transitioned to become who I am today.. Im thriving, Im a great MOM, Im a wonderful wife and I am Queen of my domain.. I always wondered what it felt like to soar, im experiencing that, I also wondered what it felt like to be a QUEEN. Its not easy, but its not hard either, Im being me, and for me that is an awesome feeling. NAMASTE'

5 Jun 2016

Thanks for everything you have done for me- changes my life!!

7 June 2016

Hello Guy I've been meaning to say hello. But more than hello I wanted to thank you. This past year and a half has been the journey of my life. My inner development and trueness to myself has been unveiling at every level. I'd like to express the importance of the role you played. Because of you my defense position in life has changed to offense. The return I'm getting out of my life has brought me such joy. My personal gain in general is amazing and the relationship and communication I have with myself has truly changed every aspect on how I'm dealing wth life and the day to day decisions I make. My friendships have more return than I've ever had before and I've now maintained a very healthy relationship with a wonderful man. I'm open to incidents and have regained a great sense of my responsibility in its success. With that said I've also been asked to be Maid of Honor in Teri's wedding and that speaks so much of how our friendship had grown . Guy I thank you for your love and support you have shown me. You are one amazing man!!! I've never had any good male representation in my life and I can now see when good male influence exists at any level how it can change a female or male for that matter. That's speaks a million words about you!! With love my friend ❌⭕️❌⭕️

26 June 2016

I also want to add I am a shooting star who has broken my mold I also have far very far from the tee and am proud I took a chance and maybe going forward i continue to take chances

Ty it's how I truly feel and it's nice I was able to express and most of all I saw it truly like never before and when I return home I too will view things differently. Ty for yr guidance without it I couldn't have grown in the direction I wanted to go.