Author’s Note

How does this book differ from others in this field? Although much of the content itself is not new in the world of communication, if unfamiliar with Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP), much of it will more than likely be new to you. In a nutshell, NLP is a science of neurology and language that allows a person to transform unwanted behaviors and results quickly. It is extremely effective as well as powerful.

New terminology and depths of understanding into language patterns and internal programming can become overwhelming.  Therefore, I purposely designed the delivery of this information to be uniquely different from any other book I’m aware of on this subject. I wish to involve you, the reader, not just talk at you.

The stories you’ll read are firsthand accounts of my actual experiences with real individuals. To protect their identities, their names have been changed. However, the extraordinary results these ordinary people experienced unfolded exactly as described.  

Also, when I began writing on this topic, the direction and how to deliver the message was not exactly clear. The path didn’t develop until the words flowed through and out of me. As you read this book, you may feel yourself drift away into the soul of this topic in a way that differs from other conventional writing styles.

Why did I do this? During my research on “how to write a book,” I discovered why so many books out there read the same and decided very early on that I didn’t want that. I wanted something different. I wanted a book where the more you read it, the deeper the understanding of the information naturally flowed and the more comfortable you become with it.

In other words, I didn’t want a book that delivered in an A, B, C, D approach. Nor did I want to lay out lists like, 7 Ways to… or 10 Easy Steps Toward… for you to digest. Just do this or do that and all your worries and concerns will be taken care of.

Instead, this book will get your mind to think in new ways. Intriguing books are much more than black and white lists or recipes for success. If your mind is not engaged on a deeper level, you may not receive the full benefits from what you have read. Allow your thoughts to be engaged. Open a doorway within your mind for new perspectives to emerge. And if you find yourself confused at times, that’s okay. Confusion is necessary first before any true change can commence.

I learned long ago that little lasting change happens without such engagement. Most of my reading is still in the self-help genre. I love what they offer and I certainly learn from them. However, many of these books today also seem to be written in a way that is, at times, a bit stale. In my opinion, they fall short of actually reaching that deeper level of human consciousness that creates creative thought and integrated learnings. Maybe you too have experienced this.

Yet, when I read older books, say 30, 50 or 150 years old in this same area of self-help, they have a different flavor to them and engage the reader to use creative thinking. The reader is challenged to go outside the pages to search for the deeper meaning and understanding within.

This is where my book comes in. Where we are about to go will provide you with the opportunity to see yourself, those around you, and the world from new perspectives. If open to it, you will begin asking yourself questions in new ways, gaining new understandings. That may seem like a tall order, but this is why I wrote the book; for you to see new possibilities that you were previously unaware of. That’s what a good book does, and that is what we’re going to do.

I promise this book will get your mind to think in new ways. At times you may wonder where I am going with certain thoughts within a chapter or even this book. But in so doing, you will actually be learning new material in a different way that sticks. Quite possibly, you may not even realize this as it is happening! An additional objective is for you to activate more of your senses such as, auditory, visual, and kinesthetic as you read. The more I can help you engage and get into the material, the greater the understanding and lasting results will be.

My intention is for us to flow through it together from a position of love and compassion. Pause and close your eyes, imagining us sitting beside one another on an airplane. We’re traveling from Los Angeles to New York and have a lot of time to kill. Being cordial and open to learning, you lean over and ask, “So what do you do?” and I respond with, “I help people discover their Authentic Truth. You become curious and ask several follow-up questions. Pretty soon, a real conversation develops. What you hold in your hands is such a conversation. It is not an allegory, but a vehicle to enlightenment of Authentic Truth and the creation of new pathways for your mind.

Even though we are not sitting next to each other at this moment, ask yourself the same type of questions you would if we actually were. Allow yourself to become lost in your own inner world of deep reflection and inquisitiveness, always coming back to these pages with new questions and new understandings. I encourage you to read this book with a red pen and mark it up with questions, highlights, and even areas you may disagree with.

Allow your mind to engage with the material. If you do, I believe you’ll find it extremely entertaining, educational, meaningful, and thought-provoking with the advantage of raising your curiosity. If you play full out, you will even begin creating new pathways for your mind. If you allow it, this book will speak to you, and hopefully, you’ll realize, understand, and feel even more connected to your Authentic Truth.

Finally, I look forward to hearing from you. As you read and have questions or wish to forward your thoughts, please reach out and do so. I will do my best to respond personally in a timely manner. My web site is simply, and FaceBook page is 

Blessings to you and your loved ones. Namaste.

Guy Brilando