December - Think and Grow Rich

Each year in December I re-read this staple for any entrepreneur or anyone looking for more out of life!. 

There are so many versions available but get your hands on one and join in! I will post my report each day and you can read along in your version - even if page numbers do not match exactly.

Click on the image to order this version on Amazon for about $5!

August - Jonathon Livingston Seagull

This month we read a classic with a message for us all. This is a short book and seeing us actually read it twice this month. The first time as we normally do. The second time, eliciting feedback from other members.

If you've never read, you will be amazed. If you have, I encourage you to join us again in doing so this month!

I ordered new for myself for this appears updated with a new section. Therefore, my references will be to this version. My original paperback is very worn as I've read this many times over forty-seven years.

July - Loving Each Other: 6 pages per day

The Challenge of Human Relationships

Leo Buscaglia, Phd was a childhood hero of mine for he just oozed love. He gave out hugs as freely as the air we breathe and taught Love as an elective at the University of Southern California. This was his seventh book and its beauty is in the simplicity of its message.

You will be delighted all month long by Leo's knowledge and wisdom surrounding Love and the challenge with human relationships! 

May: The Magic of Believing - 6 pages per day

This book WILL fill you with belief!!!

First read this book last year and found it extremely impactful. 

It was recommended by Norman Vincent Peale in one of his books (one of my all time favorite authors - The Power of Positive Thinking). 

Available for Prime and just $5!  Click on book to order now!


March: The 5 Love Languages - 6 pages per day

Shaking things up a bit from last month's book.
Here is a fun and extremely popular book!

At just 6 pages per day, you wil learn more about yourself and how to interact others in a month than you may have up until now!

Even if you have already read this amazing little guidebook, I encourage you to join us this month in reading it again!

February: Stay Alive All Your Life - 10 pages per day

Extremely excited to announce our book for February!

Many are familiar with Peale’s “The Power of Positive Thinking,” a staple into understanding how thinking differently can change your life.

“Stay Alive All Your Life," his sequel, is not readily known, however, it is a powerful read connecting the individual and the soul.

This book moved me in ways no other has to this day and am excited to read again with you all during February!

January - Stillness Speaks - 5-6 pages per day

Why not begin the New Year with some Stillness?

This book is one which is digested just a couple of pages a day. Only 3-5 minutes of reading per day!

Yet, the value is in the deeper thought that emerges from time spent with the words read.

Chapters: Silence & Stillness, Beyond the Thinking Mind, the Egoic Self, The Now, Acceptance & Surrender, Nature, Relationships, Death & the Eternal, and more.

Ocotber - The Undefeated Mind (8 pages per day)

This is said to be a great book for new comers to self-help books.  This is a first time read for myself so extremely excited to be joining in with you! 

You can order easily through Amazon by clicking on the books image here:

Let's create a conversation below about your thoughts as you read!  You can also join us on Facebook