Editor’s Note:

"Discovering Your Authentic Truth"


Have you ever experienced something so profound, you almost couldn’t believe it happened to you? It was like a whisper that passed by your ear, so soft and lovely, you nearly missed it. But you didn’t. The moment it touched you, grazing your spirit with its warm embrace, your weary soul came to life all at once.

That’s exactly what happened to me when I discovered my Authentic Truth. 

I was just like you...curious, seeking something more. The world had given me many opportunities to find myself, and I took them all. Every single experience I had prompted the same important question within me, “What exactly do you have in store for me?” 

The answers varied. For thirty-three years, I examined, re-examined, added meaning to, and made modifications to myself, depending on what I thought was being told to me. At first it was a glorious adventure, but over time, the journey became overshadowed by doubt and fear.

“Who am I, really?” plagued my mind on countless, sleepless nights. Everyone I knew had their own personal definition for me. And please, don’t get me wrong, the things they had to say were beautiful and somewhat fulfilling. But I couldn’t stop searching, knowing I hadn’t found the answer I was looking for.

Then I found Guy…and this book…and everything changed.

When I encountered this book, I was not in a good place. I felt the world had been unkind to me. I didn’t blame anyone in particular for my short-comings, but I felt no one could hear me screaming inside. I wanted more. I wanted to feel something, anything that would remind me that I was alive. I needed hope. Search after search left me empty-handed and desperate to quench my ever-growing thirst. And then it happened…the whisper.

Finding your Authentic Truth isn’t about fixing you. It’s not about handing you an answer, either. It’s so much more than that. It’s a much needed break when you’ve thrown too much of yourself into the world and received absolutely nothing in return. It’s a flowing dance, between you and your inner self, which is designed to help you move together as one. It’s an understanding that comes only when you are at ease with knowing that God created you exactly the way you were supposed to be. And, of course, it’s only the beginning of a life that you always dreamed of, but may have thought impossible.

This book was a blessing in disguise. Every story, every word, brought something new and exciting to me. And as I continued forward, I found myself, hidden deep inside the love and compassion present on each and every page. I came to life, stronger and more confident than before, eager to share with everyone I knew the most power realization I had discovered.

I had found myself, again. And this time, I was here to stay.

If you let it, this book will perform the most amazing transformations in your life. So, I invite you to ask this book, and this work, a very specific question; what do you have in store for me?

~ Tara Majuta, Writer, Editor, Storyteller, and Whale Saver