Twists & Turns


Life is full of twists and turns. Unforeseen travels even within the greatest enlightenment. We live each day not truly knowing what the outcome will be. Sometimes we feel absolute control of what is happening and at others adrift, a victim of the current and wind. There is a truism in life, being, we have dominion over one area of our life that no other person can ever have - and that is how we choose to interpret the path taken that day. We can choose to engulf the hidden treasures or choose to self-sabatoge. And then, there is that vagueness of being somewhere in between. 

The sun sets. The day comes to a close and a new day begins BEFORE our head hits the pillow. For how we internalize today will directly reflect tomorrow when we rise. Over time, this becomes our human journey among countless decisions, joyous memories, and sadness of utter despair. Life can be a roller coaster or an ascending vision of bliss. We call upon our spiritual souls for guidance but it is up to us to listen, interpret, and heed. 

Dawn breaks and soon comes the first unexpected 'twist.' We deal with it. Then another and we handle that as well. If the vision is strong enough we are able to plow right through. If we are open and receptive a warranted 'turn' into a brighter light may surface. If we are closed, withdrawn, confused, well then the turn may lead to a darkened path. 

So as the day closes, an accurate, honest, conscious assessment can lead to a better tomorrow. Tapping into one's 'higher self' into the realms of unconscious thought through meditation greatly enhances the experience. Yet, denying this all important transference of energy can result in the absence of new found wisdom and set us up for an implosion, or at the very least, a day that falls short of our true potential. 

Twists and turns will happen. Developing the habit to absorb, learn, and understand is an attainable gift for everyone. When you catch yourself in a time where life gets you down, catch yourself! Wake-up! And go back to the basics. Spend time on what you did right that day. Spend time on how you have helped or did that one little thing out of grace for another. Find a way to put a smile on your face from within, feel thankful, see gratitude. Then you are more prepared to handle those bigger obstacles of the day. 

Remember, you are a beautiful being, made in God's image. God loves unconditionally. Find that in you too.