My current read and his discussion on Nominalizations reminded me of Niurka covering these in detail during her Masters course. 


Nominalizations are quite important in the realm of communication. Basically, it takes a verb and makes it a noun, or a thing, rather than keeping it active and in motion.  This, in essence, sends a false signal to the brain and represent an action by nonaction.  The verb is hidden by the noun like term. Using Nominalizations, "...leaves the impression that we are not dealing with process, but with static and permanent things - things that we just have to accept." (Hall).

For instance, rather than asking how is your relationship with your mom, boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse -- ask, how are you and your mom (etc) relating with one another?

And then you can get even more context specific, How are you and your mom relating with one another about the grandkids? About the direction of your life? Responsibilities? Politics? (LOL - maybe leave that one alone).

William Glasser developed Reality Thereapy where he, "disallows people from talking about emotions and psychosomatic responses using nouns. He insists that people translate them using verbs, i.e., angering, guilting, depressing, head aching, etc." (Hall)

Keep this in mind during your self-talk! Give yourself the power to process challenges, problems, and relish in victories and accomplishments. Be loving, inviting, encouraging, ongoing, experiencing, relishing, relationshiping, evolving. ❤️

(L. Michael Hall, PhD,  The Sourcebook of Magic)