What is this journey in life about for you?

Niles West High School, Class of 1981

I believe we all look through our own lens and see it uniquely and our values drive much of how we interpret this life.

One overriding value of mine is that of love, and love for others.  Even in my early years, connections were deep in my soul.  Some could care less about reunions but for me, connections with others is for life.

Whether they are revisited or not, that soul connection is still there in this world of consciousness we exist within.  And it is absolutely evident when after 35 years, the immediate connection is felt throughout the soul upon entering a room of old friends, most of whom you haven’t seen or talked to in the interim.  That connection brings forth life to the spirit in ways no material object ever could.


Such was the case for myself and some 100 other classmates of ’81 Saturday night.  It was a room filled with love.  No politics, no religion, no hate, no disrespecting, dishonoring, or despair.  It was love, and for me, that is what life is truly about.

Wherever you can escape to find that love for yourself, do it and build upon it.  You don’t need a reunion to experience it.  You can explore it every day even with strangers by gifting them with a warm smile, a thank you, an opened door, or a kind tip to your waiter or waitress.  As for family and friends, exercise specific moments of appreciation in hugs, kind words, admiration, and thoughtfulness. 

Be mindful of the love already within you and allow it to breathe.  As I posted the other day under Inspiration, let your love fall upon another soul today. 

Thank you to Gus, Abby and everyone else who put together this amazing evening for us.  The deeper friendships revisited and the presence of all made it a night I personally will never forget.  If you have a reunion coming up, or sometime in the future - don’t miss out.  Even if you aren’t into those sort of things, go and be aware of how you are connected in ways you may not yet realize.