The Paper Cup

The Paper Cup - Are you living AT CAUSE or IN EFFECT?

You're walking in your favorite park - your sanctuary. when you see this paper cup someone dropped on the ground right next to a trash can.

You have three choices:

1) Walk past unaffected

2) Get upset that someone wouldn't make the effort to throw it away properly

3) Greet the cup as an opportunity to make God's world a bit more beautiful, pick it up with loving grace and place it in the trash knowing someone else will now enjoy a cleaner park.

Additionally, you've done so with the compassion of those whose job it is to keep the park clean knowing they have one less cup to pick up.

One of the themes within my book is choosing to live in effect (option 2) or at cause (option 3). This applies to most every aspect of your life, especially in your language. Be aware of the words you use to describe your life- daily and overall. They create your reality!!!

Life is a series of choices. You can drop your trash on your self and others, or be considerate, even uplifting. The choice is yours alone to make throughout your journey each day. ❤