Change Cannot Be Stopped



Being alive by definition means Change. Nothing living is stagnant. We may or may not experience a major metamorphosis in our lives but gradually, or slowly, change is happening to each of us. Each day, every day we are choosing who we will become. So a great question to ask yourself consistently is - am I “evolving” or “devolving?”

While on my way to Dallas, a 13 year old girl sitting next to me during the flight was reading the classic (>15 million copies sold), “How to win friends and influence people.”


I asked her how she heard of the book and she said her older brother. I asked what she has enjoyed most thus far - “That it was written so long ago and still applies to today” was her response. Wise girl!

I watched her engulfed in the book’s timeless message and life changing approach to living amongst others. She’d read a little, then sit there and contemplate. Fascinating to observe this young girl as she went through about 40 pages in all.

What are you doing right now to evolve? What choices are you making daily to become a better version of you? Powerful questions to ask yourself throughout your day.

Whether involved with a task or improving a relationship, approach it as the most important priority in your life and do your very best to ensure you are evolving, becoming your very best. And then spend a moment in reflection asking yourself what went supreme and what can I improve upon. Evolve 💝