Pollyana Rules!!

Healthy words are healthy for the body!

Pollyanna rules!

Pessimists are 90% wrong.

Weak words weaken the body

Words of strength empower the body

Do you BEAT yourself up or LIFT yourself up? How you phrase your language to yourself and others has a direct influence on every aspect of your life!

Applied Kinesiology has been around a long time now and extensively used by Chiropractors and other healing practitioners.

David Hawkins wrote an ecliptic book centered on its validity entitled "Power Vs. Force."

If unfamiliar, it is easily demonstrated by having a person extend their arm and resist you pushing down on it. Now have them think or say some extremely positive and notice how easy they resist. Now have them think something strongly negative and find they CANNOT resist.

This is huge insight into the power of your language - ESPECIALLY WITH YOUR SELF-TALK! Build yourself up!

Choose words of strength and empowerment. Ask questions of curiosity rather than words of blame, reasons, or excuses and notice how much better you feel throughout the day!

If only 10% of worry actually manifests yet consumes some 90% of most people's lives, isn't that actually madness? Why not spend all that time in positivity - after all, it is actually far more realistic than negativity and the bonus is you are happier!!

It may require commitment and much practice at first but in the end Pollyanna does rule!!!