Why Do We Do the Things We Do?

Have you ever wondered why you do the things you do?

So many self-help books out there.  They are very excellent at describing what is necessary in accomplishing your dreams, goals and visions.  They will guide and teach you the thinking that others have found to work in the achievement of such; what doesn’t work and what does work.  How do the successful think differently from the non-successful person.  Do this, don’t do that. 

One of the key elements that many of these books are missing, however, is how do you actually do that and what is causing the lack of action or accomplishment beyond the behaviors.  How do you change a behavior that has been a part of your life, as long as you can remember.  That is not allowing you up until this point in time to achieve that which you either desire or even know is achievable within you.

These self-help books will tell you this is what you need to do.  So you go out and do those things trying to recreate yourself in the manner of the successful but again for an unknown reason you fall short and you don’t really see a change in the pattern from the effort and time invested.  Why?

Why do we do the things we do?

The answer to that question goes beyond our behaviors into our core values and understanding your core values changes everything.  Knowing your core values brings understandings as to why certain patterns continue to show up in your life, even when you desire something different.  Changing those core values will (it has to) change the pattern.

Recently, someone I am working with lost their job.  She said it hurts.  I asked how so?  She said because it is so negative.  I asked, “how do you know it is negative?  How do you know how the story is going to pan out?  You don’t know what is coming in front of you.  How do you know this isn’t your subconscious mind providing you the release you wanted away from that job and people you complained about?  How do you not know that this is actually a gift?  Why cannot this be a blessing to allow you to find the job you really wish for and make even greater money at?  That possibility is very real, and in fact more real than the hurt you are suffering right now from how you are choosing to view the occurrence.  So you don’t know it is negative but you can give it that meaning.  But that is NOT reality – out there.  It is true within your map, your mind and the reality you create for yourself if you choose to see it as a negative.  So let’s stop playing that movie and start writing a new script.  Let’s change it.”

Why do we do the things we do?

You can have a very negative outlook on life and that meaning is more than likely going to create a negative movie to be played over and over in your mind putting you into that victim role and leaving you in Effect.  Where as someone who has a generally positive outlook on life, will look at that same event, that when life hits them square in the face, they ask, what is the lesson here, what am I being awakened to about myself, who is trying to teach me what, and how can I grow from this and proceed in a more positive direction; what possibilities does this life altering event offer me?

Those are empowering questions and that is being the victor and at Cause.  It is taking responsibility for whatever life throws at you.

It all comes down to that movie in our mind of how we interpret an event and turn a meaning into a static noun or thing.  Once you understand that a meaning is not a thing then you understand that it can be reprogrammed.  Through the original work of Richard Bandler, John Grinder and all those who have followed them in the creation of this powerful Neuro-Linguistic Programming path, advancing this technology further to include my mentor Niurka and her “Evolved NLP” work, anything is possible.

The primary goal of my upcoming book is to bring awareness to those looking for a desired change in their life, in a desired direction they wish to travel, from work to relationships, parenting to sights of a teenager.  This could be in any aspect of life for in essence, how we communicate with ourselves, the language we use, is everything.  Gaining insight and awareness of our language thus is key.  Changing the ‘movie’ changes the map.  Updating this software (programming) through a Master guide allows this to flow in a natural way without drugs or long term therapy - in an instant, not months or years.

The book is about making you, the reader, aware there is nothing wrong with you.  You are exactly where you are supposed to be up until now based upon the programming within you.  You first have to know solutions exist before being able to act upon them.  This book is arming you with that knowledge.

By relating the stories and experiences of others a foundation is being laid for anyone to see the value in NLP.  If you are looking for greater love, joy, and happiness in your life, you can have it and this book will embark you on that journey if you choose.  What the book does is bring awareness of the possibilities to break old habits and patterns once and for all.

This introduction to the world of NLP applies to school teachers, guidance counselors, clergymen, professionals, teenagers, parents, lost souls, or those stuck in their own reality.  It is absolutely possible to realign with yourself and fall in love with yourself again in a new empowering way.  This book will open your eyes to that possibility and set you on your way to true life achievement.