Course Corrections


Your dreams, visions, and goals REQUIRE consistent awareness - and updates. Always be asking yourself if there's anything more you can be doing to hit your mark ❤️

As in flying or sailing, if corrections are not constantly made the desired destination will be missed by miles. 

For instance, each 1 degree off equals an entire mile after 60 miles of travel. That may not sound like much, but 1 degree is undetectable without instruments. Add in wind and currents and this quickly becomes exasperated. (In life, we deal with such - throwing us off course constantly). 

For each 10 degrees then you will miss your destination by 10 miles. If your journey was 600 miles you'd miss by 100 miles!! That's a lot!!!

The bigger the dream, vision, or goal, the longer your journey will be. 

Therefore, your constant attention is required. It's doing that little bit EACH day, that "Slight Edge" that makes all the difference in achieving your victory. 😊