Finding Jesus

Finding Jesus
An honest Reflection

By Guy Brilando
9 November 2017


            An atheist finds Jesus. Sound familiar? What is different from not knowing there is a God, to knowing to believing, to undying faith in God? For me, who has experienced every facet of the extremes I can say with clarity, Faith is so powerful, so overall encompassing that nothing in this world we experience can match it. The only thing that comes anywhere close is Love – in all its various forms.


I’ve written and told this story so many times. But this morning I had a revelation that had me stop in awe. I was in a conversation and was talking about my NeoGenesis experience yet again. There is an exercise called a “Value Elicitation.” It’s a way of accessing the deep subconscious mind to uncover hidden programming as to why a person gets the results they do in a specific area of their life. In actuality, it provides a gateway to understanding the results in all aspects of a person’s life.

The area I chose to work on that day was my “Definitive Purpose.” As I was conversing this morning I told this person that the very first response that came from me was “Love.” Throughout that entire exercise of almost two hours, it was love that proved to be my greatest driver in life. I would do the same exercise two more times after accomplishing what is called “Timeline Therapy” which removed Anger, Sadness, and Fear at their root level of programming. The release for me was astounding but what emerged unequivocally was that Love is my greatest core value.


So, as I wrote that today it hit me. Why is love my greatest most precious aspect of my identity? Jesus. It is in my love of Jesus and all it means to hold Him and the Holy Spirit deep in unwavering Faith.  That was the revelation. There is never any question in my mind that love is that significant in my life. All my productive activity is grounded in love. And now I truly understand why.

Now, what is it for those who do not have this Faith? I’m not saying you have to have Jesus in your heart in order to produce from love! That would be preposterous. But what is the difference between belief and faith?

True faith results in a changed worldview

"When we have true saving faith in Jesus Christ, we see the world and its system in an entirely different way. The Holy Spirit enlightens us as to the true nature of things and actually causes us to think differently, “For those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who live according to the Spirit set their minds on the things of the Spirit” (Romans 8:5). We are instructed to make this a goal of our spiritual life, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind” (Romans 12:2). If we truly are Christians, dedicated followers of Jesus Christ, we will grow more to see our existence the way God sees it.


"“Belief” can be simply a passive mental acceptance which amounts to nothing when it comes to how it affects our life. Simply to say “I believe in God” means very little if it is merely coming from the lips and not from the heart. People can, and do, say that they ‘believe’ in God, but their lives never change at all. However, when one has true faith in God, one’s life cannot help but reveal this truth. True faith, dependence/reliance/trust, in God reveals itself in our actions, our thought life, and our priorities. A saving relationship with the Creator and Sustainer of the universe can result in nothing less than a radical readjustment of our entire worldview. We will love God with all our hearts and we will love others as we love ourselves (Matthew 19:19, 22:39; Mark 12:31; Luke 10:27; Romans 13:9; Galatians 5:14; James 2:8, and more Old Testament references)."

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As a side note, I believe true love with another human soul aligns with this explanation. It is more a Faith than Belief in the other person – that soul connection. This is something most of us have experienced at one time or another so if you do not believe or have Jesus in your heart, at least you can relate in some way. When you love someone so deeply, there is no doubt it impacts your perspective in all ways and creates a new life for yourself.

When that came out of me this morning, I realized an even greater impact that occurred in my life than previously recognized. And I was warmed all over. I found Jesus after searching for many years and although there was not that single “Aha” moment for me as there are with many, I believe what happened within me was accepting what I already knew existed in a new way. One day I simply realized I had Jesus in my heart. And how I knew was because that love within me became my primary driver in life. But I’m not sure I made the connection until just this morning.


It’s so uplifting, to have Jesus with me wherever I go and with me for whatever I experience in this life – the great and the disappointments. The Holy Spirit was an aspect of the Trinity I didn’t fully grasp until just recently. I read in the Bible every day and the other day I read something that connected in a new way – the understanding that the Holy Spirit came after Jesus’s resurrection to be with us in all ways. I don’t know why I didn’t understand that before and maybe this new perspective is why I’ve also now been able to make that connection of why Love is my “I Am.”