Language & Behavior

Language is interesting - actually, it is fascinating.

Some fifteen years ago I was in a small audience when I heard speaker/author Richard Flint utter the words, "Behavior Never Lies." Truth in terms of relationships, work, friendships, and because it is the season, politics to mention a few insightful areas.

Learning, studying the deep structure of language over these past two years of my enlightenment journey, (both verbal and non-verbal) has been eye opening.

Words can be manipulated, twisted, misunderstood and expressed in all kinds of ways, but in the end, it is the behaviors and results of a person that are greater indicators of a person's character than anything else.

One way language and behaviors come together is in gossip, rumors and often the treatment of strangers.

I've written before about some of the insane occurances I see as a commercial airline pilot - how people sometimes treat others when under pressure; another telling sign of where a person is in their level of consciousness development.

In a relationship a partner may promise you the world, yet, the behavior is an even greater indicator of what to expect. If curious, listen to how he/she treats others in words and actions.  Their behavior will tell you more tan the filters you use to justify how they treat you.