Discipline is a key to success

Discipline is a key to success.

Nothing more really needs to be said, but of course, how can I not?! LOL!

Who would agree with me that although our standard of living has increased it has also come with a penalty.

A life of ease can never increase the value for future generations. What I mean is, it is the hard work, the dedication to achieving something great that grows us. And as we grow we pass these learnings and wisdoms on to our future generations.

If we live a life of ease and create a lifestyle where something is given for nothing, how can these people teach those coming up through the ranks anything about growth?

On a larger scale, I’d say this has infected many in our country. Don’t get me wrong. We are still the greatest country around as far as opportunities and possibilities. But there is also a large percentage seeking the government to take care of their needs.

Once that happens, growth as we’ve known it begins to cease. What is needed in this country is a re-birthing of the spirit of hard work and can do attitude. Life is not fair, yet we give trophies to all our kids for participating. How wrong in my opinion!

Kids need to learn early on that the reward for hard work and disciplined effort is about far more than a trophy. A trophy is symbolic, not worth anywhere near the blood, sweat, and tears that went into achieving it. But to receive one just for participating diminishes the entire process!

How can we create a better society when we are not teaching what it means to raise the individual’s expectations of themselves, FOR themselves? I believe that is exactly what we are seeing in this post-election debacle; a lack of appreciation for our Founders, the Constitution, and political process. And why? Because people are not being taught what it took to get those freedoms in the first place; the blood, sweat, and tears. We are the ones failing our children.

On the flip side, each of us has that capability to push ourselves beyond the limits we set for ourselves. We are far more capable than we can ever imagine. Plug in, do the work, and reap the rewards of feeling fantastic about YOU!