A Walk in the Forest


I took a walk alone lost in thought of this ancient German forest. Sheltered by towering trees, I am visited by birds and living creatures. Humbled I am – a speck in this forest of wonder. Who am I to be so gifted as to take this all in?

A fly passes by and a thought emerges: If Darwinism is true, then how is it this fly is no different from the fly I know of where I live thousands of miles away, separated by a vast ocean to boot? How can intelligent people believe such non-sense? I don’t know. Maybe because it is easier not to believe in God as the great creator.

A raspberry – I pluck it. Its fruits of flavor explode in my mouth. Two more steps and a blackberry exposes itself to me. How delicious it is too. And another form of life, so similar to those from where I come from. How fascinating our world truly is.


Years of living teaches us amazing things about our ‘selves’ and the world around us. We know exactly how the world works, and then another decade passes and we know a little more. What does the past mean then when if we knew it all? We did after all, didn’t we? Back then we knew exactly how to behave and how to handle others so as to be whole and complete. Then, more years pass, greater wisdom is achieved, and we learn how little we actually know.

Isn’t that what keeps life interesting? To know we do not know all there is to know? That what we once thought was so, isn’t so, after all? We continue to evolve and grow in understanding. Now the question becomes, at what point does one stop listening to the world around them and begin to exercise their belief as the gospel of life and become a so called “expert.”

I know I have drifted down that path in the past believing I had the answers for someone else. But no longer do I see the world that way. Today, I see a world that is impossible to fully understand and here is why: Since we humans create our own reality, and no two human beings are exactly the same nor see the world exactly the same, then our world is ever changing. New thoughts, new ideas, new concepts, and yes, new understandings are constantly emerging.


Technology alone is doubling every three years or faster – that is truly astounding! Think about what that means: The latest discovery applied to what we knew changes what we know! It was there – it was possible yet without our knowing it was elusive.

Allow me to utilize an example. Think about airplanes. For thousands of years, man imagined what it would be like to fly like the bird, but again and again he failed. Then, the secret was revealed and man took to the air with the enthusiastic resilience it deserved. Just a little over a 100 years ago since that monumental moment – the dream Kings could only fathom is now common place.

The ability to fly was ALWAYS there – it was just a lack of knowledge and wisdom that prevented the secret from being revealed. And so it is with LIFE. All the answers are out there for us to receive – the only hindrance is ourselves.

Thus, when we raise our level of awareness, our overall consciousness, we “see” more than we did before. This is why we should always be striving to learn and grow, to spiral upwards as we move through our daily lives, closer to God with each passing year, month, day, hour, and breath.

Darwin himself stated his theory was full of holes yet the non-believer runs with it as gospel. It is taught in our schools as a matter-of-fact when it is at best a weak theory. A deer passes my path ahead. Funny. It doesn’t look much different than the deer I see back in America. An Oak tree, a Pine tree, that flower here, or the grass that grows free. Wheat in the field, cows grazing on the hillside; no, we are not a world created in accident – we live in a world that is a gift from God – not by some freak chance of nature.


And now my thoughts drift by what man does create. For man, unlike God’s creation, truly does “create” his reality – and that is NOT the reality of what IS. Rather, it is merely his construct of it. If you could remove yourself for a moment from being within our world and become the observer, can you see how this is so?

What if man had chosen to love the world rather than conquer it? What would the landscape across the globe look like today with such a different evolution of man? It would be far different from the scars of war, hate, and egocentric control. And yet, such a path was equally possible for us – and still is, if we are aware.

Can you visualize for a moment all of history being experienced in endless love for the human soul and all of nature? Such a path as this would have been equally possible – after all, we are living creatures of freewill, aren’t we? So why do we choose such a horrid path of death and destruction again and again? Can Darwin explain this?

I continue on with my walk within this forest wondering how it is we chose such a plight for our lives – destiny usually created by just one or two twisted minds that allow the rest of us to create our new realities.

The non-believer discounts the recordings contained within the Bible. Thousands of years of death and mayhem because some individual new better. But even outside of the Bible, a Mao Zedong, a Stalin, a Hitler believed so strongly in a way the rest of us should live it became a gospel all unto itself, all the while people yearn for a leader to guide them. They often accept the most prolific speaker to create their new reality.

And so it goes on… There are those who are prolific at seeing a better world too – Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa, -- yet their power seems less to guide the people of the world. How can this be? Why does the bad so often come to power? How do we come to allow this to happen? Are we not better than that? Individually, we seem to love our families and our neighbors yet we hate our enemies. How so, I wonder?

Our Founders were magical in their pursuit of something greater. I do believe they saw the better side of life and all a community could grow into. They were prolific readers and knew history. They sought a better way.

And still, there was bloodshed and hate to overcome. And even once it was given to us we still found a way to kill some more. We killed one another in a land of so called freedom. I guess what this gives evidence of is that man is flawed and we can never truly know all the answers.

I love this quiet time in the forest. You never know where your thoughts may travel. The birds sing and the flowers wave. The trees give off their own unique music as the breeze flows through. How wonderfully beautiful it all is. Why cannot ‘man’ see this too -- every day, and create the world of love and grace? I wonder if God wonders this too?