WHAT IS CLARITY? (a discussion of fear)

What is clarity? It is freedom from Fear!


And what’s the gift?


Fear holds us HOSTAGE! It prevents advancement! It clouds vision. It imprisons us to a world of doubt, skepticism and confusion at best. All sorts of irrational thoughts consume our conscious minds! Most of all, it re-plays history, old hurts, failures, defeats, and all the worst of ugly memories stored within preventing the very release of the fear!

In other words, if allowed to be in control, fear keeps us trapped in a never-ending cycle of dis-ease! Pain, discontentment keeping us looping in similar results over and over. We so desperately wish to be free of its hold on us, yet, it finds its way manifesting again and again in a form of self-inflicted torture.

Taking that leap of faith then is monumental to our evolution, and that requires extreme fortitude and courage to face that fear head on. A starved lion laying his eyes upon prey for the first time in weeks will have such intensity! His courage was believing food would cross his path. His desire now consumes him. His staring is undivided with laser focus.


The lion’s acute concentration creates absolute determination of his impending, successful feeding. He salivates. He tenses. He steadies with electrifying depth of feeling and knowing; a strengthening of his naturalistic sharpness.

In a magnified force of energy from within, he launches for the certain kill.

Such illumination is necessary for any of us to push through that enemy of fear. The lion boldly bursts into action, in full expression of his innate instinct. He breaks free from his staled stalking past, to killer in a flash of decisive, raptured, piercing determination of a trained assassin: THE ASSASSINATION OF YOUR FEAR!

The lion’s apatite is quenched. He is now wholly satisfied. His heart and body perfectly aligned with who he is meant to be – fearless in the eyes of starvation and his recent past of pent-up discouragement. Clarity is his reward – the embodiment of his being thoroughly appeased. Contentment exudes as he licks his lips and settles for his nap of deliverance.


And so it is with you as you pierce through, becoming the conqueror of your past fear holding you at bay. Peace blankets your soul in ways you’ve never experienced before and clarity becomes your vision.