Enlightenment Breeds Wisdom

Where does wisdom come from?  Many areas of course, mostly our life's experiences.  Why is a continuing education so important?  Because we can accelerate our path of fulfillment and wisdom gained in this life.

Too often people feel learning is only for schools - but in fact, our minds are learning every day.

You cannot not learn. 

Your mind is always active hence the question becomes WHAT are you learning today? Something which will help you grow or something that accelerates decay?

The mind is similar to a muscle and the more active you keep it the better it can serve you in all ways - to include your health.

Feeding your mind with new knowledge, stretching it to see the world in new ways, asking yourself inquisitive questions and seeking out their answers are all ways to increase your overall understanding and thus enlightenment.

And with enlightenment comes greater wisdom.  Greater wisdom allows you getting the very best from life and paying it forward to those rising behind you, your friends, your family, your colleagues.