What do you typically see first?
Possibilities? or Obstacles?

Do you first feel how you can accomplish?
Or are you faced with the “I can’t?”

We live in a world of infinite possibilities in the greatest land to make dreams a reality. 

If not already, train yourself to first ask,
“How can I?” and act upon your vision 💝

Honor Failing


How often have you felt or said to yourself, “But I don’t want to fail!” Or, such a thought actually keeps you stuck in an old pattern? Fear can be your enemy or you can turn it into a driving force.

Wondering how others “see you” or afraid to try something new is a kiss of death to remain stuck in a limited view of the world. Become adventurous! Get out and experience new things. You can only learn by failing - so don’t resist it - HONOR it! Make “failing” a fun adventure knowing you are growing, evolving, and creating a new and better life experience for yourself!

And utilize the simple philosophy of being your very best each day with whatever it is you are doing or tasked with. Ask yourself, “How can I be giving my very best right now?”

Then plan, do, check, adjust. Envision the outcome while being prepared to learn and adjust should “failure” occur. It is a process - Embrace it all!

Patience vs Wisdom


I love how memes can paint the perfect picture!!!

A little patience will take you far in life. In this 'must have it now mindset,' a lack of patience can often lead to our greatest demise. True "Success" does not happen overnight. It takes discipline, work ethic, and diligence. What is gained along the way with the patience of maturing in a venture is wisdom.

Jump in and learn as much as you can when beginning a new adventure but also listen to the wisdom of those who've travelled before you. Allow time for your growth and greater understanding. Learn from the masters in your field to enable your path to be just a little bit straighter.


Be willing to laugh - especially at yourself.
And I love all of you folks with a sense of humor that brighten my day! Your creativity brings new light to an often bitter world. Thank you for spreading your joy ❤️

This is a custom, one of a kind Schwinn 7’ Unicycle created by my Dad. I sat there and watched him sketch out the initial drawing on our kitchen table after I bent a shorter one he had brought home from Japan for me to try. He said, “What garbage.” And we went inside and he created the Schwinn Giraffe - this was a prototype but they decided to go with the shorter version for production.


Success can be defined in many ways but for me nothing spells success more than setting a personal vision and accomplishing it.

It is personal and not communal. It is a reward from the inside out rather than acclaim and fortune. However you decide may you achieve the success you seek. 💝

This is from my devotional this morning and how appropriate to this post:

“Henry Ford went broke five times before he succeeded in business. Albert Einstein didn’t speak until he was four, didn’t read until he was seven, and was considered “mentally slow” by his teacher.

“The famous sculptor, Rodin, was thought to be an idiot by his father. Walt Disney was fired for a lack of creativity. Lombardi was accused of a lack of motivation [seriously?!]. Winston Churchill failed the sixth grade. Abraham Lincoln’s resume is one long trail of failures and disappointment. Fred Astaire was considered an average dancer and screen test failure. Rocky Marciano couldn’t make it in baseball.

IBM passed when first offered the photocopier (so did Kodak and RCA). Cheese, penicillin, paper towels, and aspirin were all by-products of mistakes [yellow sticky notes too!].

“History proves time and time again the number one qualifier for outstanding achievement is failure.

“We all fall down, but we mustn’t stay down. Every failure is an opportunity to begin again in a wiser fashion. We have more going for us than the formidable than the human spirit. We have the help of the Holy Spirit.

“Get up! Get moving! Quit whining! Seek guidance, and live your life to exceed every ody’s expectations.”

Deserving of Success


How little this is understood today. In the "instant everything” we are surrounded by, so many are of the belief they should have things handed to them, or that success comes without real effort.

One fact of life will never change, even if you get "lucky" with instant success, your true self-esteem won't be lifted from the inside until you reach that point where you feel you are "deserving" of success. And to get to that point requires focused discipline and a solid work ethic.



Our language is powerful! And none greater than our self-talk. Our language tells us much of what’s going on within our own minds.

The more aware you are of the thoughts and words you use, the better you understand “you” on a daily basis.

Some of the greatest influence we have is with the young.

Be mindful of your words and actions for the subconscious mind of the child is being programmed directly by what you feed it.

During the imprinting years (roughly 0-7) there is a direct connection to the subconscious mind.

It is direct access without any filters. It's like being on the world wide web with no firewall, anti-virus, malware protection of any kind.

Masterful Leadership


Vince Lombardi was one of the greatest coaches to emerge way before there were great coaches and still modeled today.

His secret was in motivating and inspiring his players to rise to the very best of their abilities while focusing on the team as a whole. This is an art of masterful leadership.

Each of us has the ability to be our very best each day. And what’s the payoff?

Higher self-esteem, greater self-worth, improved self-discipline, and the deserving of success. On a larger scale, you uplift, inspire, and provide hope to all others around you.

Beyond Your Limitations

F16 meme.jpg

Go beyond your comfort zone; spread your wings and fly. Soar above the limiting you and express yourself to the world.
You are that special 💝

And yes, I miss flying that plane, the F-16, so very much. It was a part of me and at times defined me. In doing so that also limited me.

No longer. It was a phenomenal 19 year experience - one nothing else can replace - its memories built wisdom that propels my future course. Don’t hold onto the past. Allow yourself to grow from it and become an even greater you 👍🏻😃


We are relationship beings and friendships are vital to our overall health; and some are worth a little extra effort. 

Michael Landon was a very interesting man taken from us way too early from cancer. He created, wrote, directed, and produced a wonderful show in 1984 called "Highway to Heaven." It may be a bit corny by today's standards but it's messages are profound.