We are beings of love. Never forget that. 
Regardless of the hurt and pain felt, or even ugliness of the world around you - YOU are still love at your deepest core. When your life is humming along - share your love with another - you could change their life. 

Wishing you a supreme week precious soul 


We are relationship beings and friendships are vital to our overall health; and some are worth a little extra effort. 

Michael Landon was a very interesting man taken from us way too early from cancer. He created, wrote, directed, and produced a wonderful show in 1984 called "Highway to Heaven." It may be a bit corny by today's standards but it's messages are profound.


What does it mean to "Operate in Alignment?"
How do you know when you are in alignment?
If not there, how do you achieve it?

When you experience more negative than positive emotions throughout your day, chances are something is off within you. these emotions come from within you regardless of what is going on outside of you.

When in alignment, most often, you are able to maintain a "positive state" for that is who you truly are. The woes of the world will do all they can to beat you down - however - when you are connected with your love core center, you remain stable in your joy.

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May your day be bright and filled with cheer!