Patience vs Wisdom


I love how memes can paint the perfect picture!!!

A little patience will take you far in life. In this 'must have it now mindset,' a lack of patience can often lead to our greatest demise. True "Success" does not happen overnight. It takes discipline, work ethic, and diligence. What is gained along the way with the patience of maturing in a venture is wisdom.

Jump in and learn as much as you can when beginning a new adventure but also listen to the wisdom of those who've travelled before you. Allow time for your growth and greater understanding. Learn from the masters in your field to enable your path to be just a little bit straighter.



Our language is powerful! And none greater than our self-talk. Our language tells us much of what’s going on within our own minds.

The more aware you are of the thoughts and words you use, the better you understand “you” on a daily basis.

Some of the greatest influence we have is with the young.

Be mindful of your words and actions for the subconscious mind of the child is being programmed directly by what you feed it.

During the imprinting years (roughly 0-7) there is a direct connection to the subconscious mind.

It is direct access without any filters. It's like being on the world wide web with no firewall, anti-virus, malware protection of any kind.