Love & Alignment

Filled With Gratitude

This was a powerful and rewarding week for me in being able to help guide two individuals to great insight and renewed spirit.

The tools of NLP are amazing and for one of these individuals, a certain pain in her neck/back area she had for many years apparently is also gone as a result of this work with her mind.

I guided her in a very specific way to release deep rooted trauma suffered during her early childhood years. This released emotional pain and an unexpected release of her physical pain as well!

Her entire history around all this pain (emotional and physical) was recontextualized in new light of understanding.

Also, almost magically, the following day she reconnected with her estranged sister and began that healing process.


When coming from a place of authenticity with thy self, in love with thy self, everything else naturally flows into alignment.

This also activates the law of attraction, which is energy. When in alignment we vibrate from love and everything love is, is what we attract.

Thus, the associated joy experienced when in alignment and loving thy self will also attract far more happiness than imagined without full and complete self-love.