An acquaintance proposed this question of what is the difference between noticing and judging? I found it interesting but even more so were the varied responses.

As I thought about it myself, I came up with this version of an answer. We are each our own individual. Not one of us is perfect. We each have our own flaws. But when we judge others by our standards we fail not only valuing the other individual but we also fail ourselves.

For in judging we are comparing and this means we are searching for value outside ourselves. This will never work. Observe others to learn from them but comparing yourself (better or worse) leads only to narcissism on the one hand or a pitfall of dispair on the other.

You are you and there is only one of you. You have skills and talents no one else does. Focus on becoming the very best version of you there is and watch the planets align in your favor. Leave judging to the higher power.