Honor Failing


How often have you felt or said to yourself, “But I don’t want to fail!” Or, such a thought actually keeps you stuck in an old pattern? Fear can be your enemy or you can turn it into a driving force.

Wondering how others “see you” or afraid to try something new is a kiss of death to remain stuck in a limited view of the world. Become adventurous! Get out and experience new things. You can only learn by failing - so don’t resist it - HONOR it! Make “failing” a fun adventure knowing you are growing, evolving, and creating a new and better life experience for yourself!

And utilize the simple philosophy of being your very best each day with whatever it is you are doing or tasked with. Ask yourself, “How can I be giving my very best right now?”

Then plan, do, check, adjust. Envision the outcome while being prepared to learn and adjust should “failure” occur. It is a process - Embrace it all!