Beyond Your Limitations

F16 meme.jpg

Go beyond your comfort zone; spread your wings and fly. Soar above the limiting you and express yourself to the world.
You are that special πŸ’

And yes, I miss flying that plane, the F-16, so very much. It was a part of me and at times defined me. In doing so that also limited me.

No longer. It was a phenomenal 19 year experience - one nothing else can replace - its memories built wisdom that propels my future course. Don’t hold onto the past. Allow yourself to grow from it and become an even greater you πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜ƒ



If you were to stare in the rear view mirror while driving you'd certainly end up in a crash!

Why is it that so many of us spend more time reliving past mistakes over and over rather than gaining the lesson and moving on?

We are the ONLY living being that knows how to live in the past and we often create much disharmony as a result.

Learn to live in the moment, looking forward, creating a path of new adventures and awakenings!