Each day begins a new series of choices - none greater than how you choose value.

Those who are happiest fill their life with value each day. They give of themselves or fill themselves with greater value.

Those stuck in life or unhappy, spend their time by decreasing their value, or at best, remain stagnant.

-Quality time with family, spouse, friend,
or watch TV.

-Read a self-improvement book,
or watch TV.

-Observe nature in a walk,
or watch TV

-Volunteer, further your education, help a neighbor, self-study in the area of finances, human relationships, history, develop a talent, workout, play a sport/activity, Entrepreneurship, etc...,
or watch TV

You get the idea...these are all things ONLY YOU have control over. We can fill our lives with reasons why we are unhappy or we can move ourselves into cause and create a VALUED life. For most of us, that choice is strictly up to us each day.