The Soul


Always remember you are love at your core.
No hate, no anger, no doubt, no sadness, and no fear.

These emotions cloud your true essence. When you feel a negative emotion gaining traction - STOP AND PAUSE.

Remove yourself from whatever spurred the emotion, find a quiet place if possible, and begin focusing on your breath.

Count your breaths - inhale, 1, I Am Love; exhale 2, I Am Love; inhale 3, I Am Love; exhale 4, I Am Love... All the way to ten, twenty ideal.

And here is the KEY: IF you loose track of focusing on the breath alone (for you will) and your mind drifts to anything else - once you catch yourself doing that, START OVER!

Once you do make it to 10, repeat until fully relaxed and back in alignment.


What does it mean to "Operate in Alignment?"
How do you know when you are in alignment?
If not there, how do you achieve it?

When you experience more negative than positive emotions throughout your day, chances are something is off within you. these emotions come from within you regardless of what is going on outside of you.

When in alignment, most often, you are able to maintain a "positive state" for that is who you truly are. The woes of the world will do all they can to beat you down - however - when you are connected with your love core center, you remain stable in your joy.

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May your day be bright and filled with cheer!