Freedom From Fear

Anger, Sadness, Fear, Guilt, Shame, Doubt
These are the strongest of negative emotions which tend to run our lives. 

When you release these from deep within at their core essence within you, your life naturally is lived more joyfully authentic and peaceful. You are freed!

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We are relationship beings and friendships are vital to our overall health; and some are worth a little extra effort. 

Michael Landon was a very interesting man taken from us way too early from cancer. He created, wrote, directed, and produced a wonderful show in 1984 called "Highway to Heaven." It may be a bit corny by today's standards but it's messages are profound.

Step by Step

Success is a process;
So is life ❤

"Life is not a trip in itself.
It is not a goal.
It's a process.

You get there step by step by step by step.

And if every step is wondrous, and every step is magical, that's what life will be.

And you'll never be one of those people who reach the point of death without ever having lived. Because you've never missed a thing."

~Leo Buscaglia


The depths of "life" is so resilient - it always finds a way to keep living and evolving. 

Last year in June we had a scary moment when a fire near our home began raging out of control. It eventually took air support to wipe it out as its path was moving directly towards our home. 

The other day driving past the burnt area I noticed this lone Sun Flower standing tall amongst the ruins. The trees were also alive with the sound of termites eating up the decaying wood. 

How fascinating life is. It always finds a way to keep pressing on.